Advanced mechanical installations

Industrial civil Works

Advanced Electrical and automation works

The field of electrical works

-We are able to carry out all types of the electrical installation for the high, medium and low voltages such as:
• medium voltage installation such as 11 k.v. distribution transformers, ring main units, package substations switchgears, laying and installation of all types of high voltage cables.
• Carrying out all types of the low voltage installations in the hazard area and non-classified area such as the main distribution switch gears for large industrial complexes, water & sewage plants, Power plants, factories, refineries, oil fields hotels, hospitals …etc.
installation of the standby emergency power supplies, installation of all types of lighting systems, and earthing systems for large industrial complexes.

The field of mechanical works

We are capable of carrying out the installations of the mechanical works related to sewage and water pumping stations, Sewage &, water treatment plants,cement factories, firefighting networks and alignment of rotary engines etc.
Installation of the air ducts of central air conditions and ventilations for industrial Complexes, installation of main pipelines for oil and gas and water industry.
We carry out all type of welding in the hazard areas.

Civil works

We are carrying out all types of civil works related to the electromechanical equipment such as industrial complexes, basement of Machines and so on.

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